Harmonizing the energy field, both inside and out, is the foundation of healing the heart, mind, spirit, and / or body.


Joel's shamanic healing sessions are as unique as each individual, and range from simple energetic alignment, to deeper levels of physical, mental, and spiritual healing—with the common denominator of nurturing support.


No matter what your focus (or if you don't have one / can't choose just yet), Joel will incorporate a custom blend of diverse energy work modalities with the goal of multi-faceted healing. These modalities can include:


  • Heart opening

  • Energetic realignment

  • Channeling

  • Reiki

  • SEAD (Subtle Energy Activation Device) Treatments

  • More >


Because he is working within the spirit world, Joel always begins with a "diagnostic journey," calling on his Guardian Spirits to determine how best to serve you in love and compassion.  

Depending on the extent of the healing service you are requesting, sessions take approximately 60 to 90 minutes and range in cost from $85 to $125 (discounts provided for low-income individuals).

If you have further questions and would like to have an initial consultation over the phone, please feel free to contact Joel.



  • SHAMANIC HEART OPENING - this technique helps awaken the true center of the body— the heart—where all decisions, thoughts, questions, dilemmas, and love go through. Opening the heart helps uncover your truth, promote fresh beginnings, provide access to the full depth of your individual soul light, and invite restoration to your highest self. 

  • ENERGETIC REALIGNMENT - by scanning your energy field, Joel will detect areas of imbalance and/or fragmentation that require harmonizing and rebalancing through the use of various means, including crystals, channeling, smudging, and reiki.

  • SHAMANIC CHANNELING - Joel calls on the wisdom of spirit guides (his and yours) to communicate knowledge, perspective, broader awareness, and appropriate healing.

  • SHAMANIC REIKI - this assists the healing process by balancing, harmonizing and aligning the heart with the chakra system. Joel utilizes meteorite chakra keys to strengthen and revitalize the energetic flow of chi within the chakra system for wholeness, peace, and clarity.

  • SEAD (Subtle Energey Activation Device) TREATMENTS - initially conceptualized by Nikola Tesla, this healing modality stimulates the innate ability of cells to bring in nourishment and remove toxins through the use of AC / DC polarities, quartz crystal tubes, and a range of specific gases that transmit photonic energy. Learn more >


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