For over 20 years, Joel has been providing innovative hair cuts, color, and styling, with a passion for bringing out the best in each individual.


When he was called to the shamanic path, he began offering the option of incorporating shamanic practices that help individuals release the past, respect the present, and call forth inner beauty—as part of the timeless ritual of hair care.

No matter which option you choose, Joel's hair sessions include attentive consultation, deep cleansing and conditioning, and styling.




Consultation, color (if desired), deep cleansing, conditioning, haircut, and blow dry / styling.



Revitalize your energy, shed the past, and let your spirit shine. Joel combines his 20 years of experience as a hair stylist with his shamanic practices to work with the DNA of your hair, helping  you set intentions for and achieve a higher vibration of energy.

There are many situations we go through that hold memory in our hair.  When cutting the hair, the past is opened, the present is respected, and future intentions begin.


  The cycle of the moon has a great influence on the timing of shamanic haircuts—whether you're opening (new moon), releasing (waning), expanding (waxing), or maximizing (full moon)—we will help you identify the best schedule for incorporating the light of the moon into your spiritual journey.

In summary, the type and timing of your haircut will be based on what the Guides suggest as best Medicine for your purpose. 



Shamanic Haircut - $85.00 Women | $70.00 Men

Regular Haircut - $60.00 Women | $45.00 Men



The prices for hair color listed below may vary depending on the length of your hair and extent of color effects you desire.

Permanent, Single Process Hair Color - $85.00

Tinting your hair to a single, long-lasting hair color

Semi-Permanent, Single Process Hair Color - $70.00

Tinting your hair to a single color that will fade more naturally.

Dimensional Hair Color - $120.00

A minimum of three colors applied using various techniques.

Full Foil - $150.00  |  Partial Foil - $110.00  |  Crown Foil - $75.00

Using foils to paint color in specific areas of hair.

Bleach and Tone - $95.00

Lightening hair color and tone to your desired shade

Hair Conditioning Treatment - $25.00

Intense hair conditioning to repair damage and promote health

Hair Color Correction - variable

Removing unwanted hair color and correcting to a desired shade


After graduating from cosmetology school in 1996, Joel spent the first two years of his career with Aveda in downtown Seattle, followed by another two years at Salon Joseph, where he was immersed in advanced techniques, innovative applications, and new approaches. He then worked independently for a few more years before finally opening Lavish Hair Salon (formerly located in Queen Anne until the space was sold for development). Today Joel operates his salon out of the same studio where he practices his passion for shamanism—either separately or together, as clients choose.

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