There are many different ways to work with a shaman as a foundation for your expansion. I may be called to use any combination of the following modalities: 

  • SHAMANIC JOURNEY & DIVINATION  - This is utilized for problem solving, requesting information, and healing. This method is supported with rhythmic sounds and vibrations.

  • ASCENDING SOULS & PSYCHOPOMP - This helps resolve fears and questions around death/transcending. Psychopomp work is when people (or animals) have died, and either have a message they need to communicate to those they have left behind, or need support in transcending. 

  • POWER ANIMAL / GUARDIAN SPIRIT RENEWAL - It is vital that we commune with Guardian Spirits in the form of Power Animals, Ancestors, Allies, Deities, Angels, and many more creative connections. 

  • EXTRACTIONS -  This healing safely removes and transmutes the misplaced energy, restoring the body to its wholeness. 

Your hair's DNA is a record of memories and experiences. The majority of the services Joel provides involves a bit of hair cut from your crown chakra—removing energies that hinder the natural flow of energy and helping you release and incorporate the spiritual messages received during the process.


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