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There are many different ways to work with a shaman as a foundation for your expansion. I may be called to use any combination of the following modalities: 

  • SHAMANIC JOURNEY & DIVINATION  - This is utilized for problem solving, requesting information, and healing. This method is supported with rhythmic sounds and vibrations.

  • ASCENDING SOULS & PSYCHOPOMP - This helps resolve fears and questions around death/transcending. Psychopomp work is when people (or animals) have died, and either have a message they need to communicate to those they have left behind, or need support in transcending. 

  • POWER ANIMAL / GUARDIAN SPIRIT RENEWAL - It is vital that we commune with Guardian Spirits in the form of Power Animals, Ancestors, Allies, Deities, Angels, and many more creative connections. 

  • EXTRACTIONS -  This healing safely removes and transmutes the misplaced energy, restoring the body to its wholeness. 

Your DNA is a record of memories and experiences. The majority of the services Joel provides are moving energies that hinder the natural flow of your energy.  Helping you release and incorporate the spiritual memory received during the process.

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